Prof. PhD Ofelia García
Speciality: Translanguaging (abstract)
University: City University of New York, The Graduate Center, Urban Education Program
Support: This lecture is in cooperation with the Competence Area V Social Inequalities and Intercultural Education (SINTER) of the Excellence Initiative of the University of Cologne.


Prof. PhD Ricardo Otheguy
Focus: Comments on the talks
Speciality: Bilingual Education, Sociolinguistics & Language Contact
University: City University of New York, The Graduate Center

Prof. PhD Jan D. ten Thije
Speciality: Receptive Multilingualism
University: Universiteit Utrecht, Institute for Linguistics
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Beatrix Kreß, IKK

Prof. PhD Jeanine Treffers-Daller
Speciality: Do balanced bilinguals exist? A critical review of the concept of language dominance? (abstract)
University: University of Reading, Institute of Education

Prof. PhD Michael Daller
Speciality: Balanced Bilinguals and Language Dominance (abstract)
University: University of Reading, Institute for English Language and Applied Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Harald Clahsen
Speciality: Multilingualism in the Individual: A Psycholinguistic Perspective (abstract)
University: University Potsdam, Potsdam Research Insitute for Multilingualism