The ring lecture: The Multilingualism and Diversity Lectures (MuDiLe) took place at the University of Hildesheim in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany in June 2017. The ring lecture focuses on the topics Multilingualism and Diversity in language acquisition and education. The MuDiLe were held in English; they have been video-recorded and are presented online on this website

Here you can find the flyer with detailed information about MuDiLe.

On Thursday (8/6/2017) and Friday (9/6/2017), there was a Poster session directed by Prof. Dr. Elke Montanari for PhD Students. Within this Poster session, PhD students presented their posters and received feedback from experts. Moreover, all participants got a participation certificate.

The topics of multilingualism and migration are core themes at the University of Hildesheim. For this reason, it established a Centre for Educational Integration, which is committed to exploring bilingualism. The Centre for Educational Integration at the University of Hildesheim sees itself as a think tank and a platform for both academic and civil society stakeholders who explore the opportunities and challenges of inclusion processes in increasingly diversified societies in an empirical, basic theoretical and practical manner.

As a profile university, the University of Hildesheim develops its range of subjects in the Faculties of Educational and Social Sciences; Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication; Linguistics and Information Science; and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science. In all its areas of responsibility, the university proactively works towards the realisation of equality for all. Ethnic, religious and social equality, and equality between men and women in the university are matters of particular concern to the university.