Speciality: Balanced Bilinguals and Language Dominance (abstract)
University: University of Reading, Institute for English Language and Applied Linguistics

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Michael Daller on the subject “Balanced Bilinguals and Language Dominance”

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  • General idea of bilingualism influencing the probability of having cognitive advantages/disadvantages related to a specific age and level of proficiency in the respective languages.
  • Educational and political decisions have to take on the important role for support of L1.
  • The studies show that multilingual speakers rarely master their respective languages on an equal level. Moreover, the competence varies, even within each language in different areas.

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Interview of Michael Daller

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This interview of Mr. Daller and Mrs. Treffers-Daller was taken during the MUDILE 2017. They talk about their personal experiences with multilingualism, language dominance and balanced bilingualism and about their research projects which are planned for future work.

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