Speciality: Multilingualism in the Individual: A Psycholinguistic Perspective (abstract)
University: University Potsdam, Potsdam Research Insitute for Multilingualism

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Harald Clahsen on the subject “Multilingualism in the Individual: A Psycholinguistic Perspective”


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Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.
  • From a global perspective, multilingualism is the norm; monolingualism is an exception.
  • From birth, children have a set of genetically given options, and they are not predetermined to a specific language.
  • Universal language options are lost after the acquisition of a particular language.
  • Modularity of language: effects of age of acquisition are subtle and selective.
  • Multilingualism is an asset in an individual’s life, so if possible, one should take advantage of sensitive periods of language development.
  • Multilingual education promotes multilingualism and does not necessarily lead to higher intelligence.

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Interview of Harald Clahsen


This interview of Harald Clahsen was taken during the MUDILE 2017. He talks about his personal experiences with multilingualism, specially about multilingualism in the individual, and about his research projects which are planned for future work.

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