Speciality: Receptive Multilingualism
University: Universiteit Utrecht, Institute for Linguistics
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Beatrix Kreß, IKK

Further reading of his publications can be found here.

Jan D. ten Thije on the subject “Receptive Multilingualism”

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  • Receptive Multilingualism: Interactants employ a language and/or language variety different from their partner’s. They understand each other without any additional lingua franca. The recipients activate knowledge of the language and/or variety of their interlocutor(s).
  • Occurrences of receptive multilingualism: Border regions, governmental communication, international workplaces, meetings, media & Internet, bilingual families, communication of migrants, educational settings.
  • Factors determining use: Exposure, proficiency, common ground, attitude, locations, language policy, status, age.

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Interview of Jan D. ten Thije

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This interview of Prof. PhD Jan D. ten Thije was taken during the MUDILE 2017. He talks about his personal experiences with multilingualism, specially about receptive multilingualism, and about his research projects which are planned for future work.

If you would like to get further information about Jan ten Thije, his responsibilities at the University of Utrecht, areas of interest, research groups/centres or further publications, please visit the following website: https://www.jantenthije.eu/